How Can You go the Extra Mile With Your Warehouse Services?

July 17, 2019

Warehouse services are an integral part of achieving optimal warehouse efficiency, safety, and productivity. However, if you’re currently relying on a subpar warehouse repairs provider or slacking on keeping up with planned preventative maintenance, it can end up costing you big later on.

So, how can you go the extra mile with your warehouse services to experience true warehouse optimization while reducing the risk of costly repairs, equipment downtime, and safety concerns? Here are three ways how!

Prioritize Planned Preventative Maintenance

Performing ongoing planned preventative maintenance is an essential part of your warehouse operations. It increases warehouse efficiency, ensures you’ll get the most use out of the equipment you’ve invested in, and reduces the risk of potentially disastrous safety hazards.

Your warehouse maintenance plan should include planned safety and operational checks for your motive power, dock and door, and storage and handling equipment. Conducting this planned preventative maintenance will help you identify when small warehouse repairs or updates are necessary so you can avoid unnecessarily large repair costs that could easily push you over your yearly service budget. However, the key to leveling up your routine warehouse services is using the right service provider who is trustworthy, reliable, and experienced.

At SSE, we offer customizable and comprehensive planned maintenance programs to meet the needs of any warehouse facility. By providing routine cleaning, lubrication, operational checks, adjustments, and inspections of all warehouse equipment, we can enhance and maintain your warehouse optimization!

Our local technician specialists are some of the most experienced in the industry, meaning you don’t ever have to worry that your valuable warehouse equipment isn’t in trustworthy hands. Whether it’s for your pallet rack storage area, industrial batteries and chargers, or dock and door equipment, we’ll provide you with written reports outlining any noticeable issues or damage that our technicians have found. We don’t just leave it at that—we’ll also offer valuable solutions so you can quickly resolve those issues so you can get back to business.

Invest in Training and Education

An important part of warehouse services that is commonly overlooked is training and education. Investing in planned preventive maintenance and warehouse repairs is wasteful if your staff doesn’t know how to properly use the equipment you’ve spent time and money to optimize. This lowers productivity and halts operations when other employees are having to pause their own jobs to step in and help someone else. It also creates a safety risk if an employee is using machinery they don’t know how to operate. However, as a warehouse manager focusing on so many other responsibilities and daily tasks, it can be difficult to go the extra mile and provide additional warehouse training and education all by yourself.

That’s where SSE comes in! We offer both on- and off-site battery and charger training classes taught by our expert technicians. These classes will train your employees on processes such as battery watering and cable repair, as well as provide tips to help you maximize usable battery life and prevent expensive warehouse repairs due to premature battery or charger failure. We can also help train your employees on OSHA compliance and safe workplace practices. By including training and education in your warehouse services plan, you can get the most out of your equipment investment and have peace of mind that everyone on your staff is safe and operationally efficient!

Save in Other Areas to Free up Budget Allocation for Warehouse Services

Purchasing equipment, hiring staff, and maintaining operations for a warehouse facility can be a large and expensive task. With so many day-to-day and big-picture costs, it’s easy to brush off warehouse maintenance and say: “I’ll just pull money from the warehouse services budget for something more important.” Skimping on warehouse maintenance can cost your business big time if a piece of equipment breaks, an employee gets injured, or warehouse efficiency suffers—so it’s vital to allocate a proper portion of the budget to warehouse services. But if you’re working with a tight budget, this can be difficult to accomplish.

Don’t worry—we have good news. There are many simple steps you can take to reduce costs in other areas of your warehouse without sacrificing productivity or warehouse efficiency. This way, you’ll have a larger portion of the budget left to take your warehouse services the extra mile. Here are five effective ideas:

  • Conduct regular, comprehensive planned preventative maintenance to prevent larger, more costly warehouse repairs down the road that can result in further expenses due to equipment downtime.
  • Reduce energy-associated costs by investing in better warehouse insulation and utilizing dock doors to keep the climate-controlled air you’re paying for actually inside. This will effectively lower the cost of your electric and utility bills.
  • Install more energy-efficient LED light bulbs, an automatic lightning system, or additional windows to let in more natural light. These steps will help lower electric and utility bills as well.
  • Consider leveraging used or rental equipment and recycled batteries to save on up-front costs and free up more capital for your warehouse services.
  • Improve warehouse storage organization so your employees can quickly find the products and equipment they need to get their job done, reducing costly downtime and delays throughout your warehouse.

All in all, warehouse services are an essential part of warehouse optimization, productivity, and safety. It’s often helpful to turn to the experts when conducting warehouse maintenance, and Southern States Enterprises is ready to be your one-stop-shop!

We don’t just sell high-quality warehouse equipment then leave you to figure the rest out on your own—we also provide new or replacement equipment installation, planned preventative maintenance, education and training, safety surveys, and emergency warehouse repairs.

Each of these services is performed by our team of highly trained and trusted experts who are committed to increasing the safety and useful life of your warehouse equipment. We want to help you improve warehouse efficiency so you can ultimately drive more revenue!

If you’re ready to learn more or start leveraging our warehouse services today, reach out to one of our experts or call (855) 564-9595.

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