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Warehouse services are important for maintaining a high level of productivity and efficiency in daily warehouse operations. Being proactive with your planned maintenance saves you money and reduces the risk of equipment or part failure and lost productivity.

Whether you need equipment repair services, a new warehouse layout design, equipment financing, or installation, Concentric is your go-to warehouse service expert.

We offer a variety of motive power, storage and handling, and dock and door services designed to meet your warehouse needs. Each service is performed by warehouse service experts who are committed to increasing the safety and longevity of your warehouse equipment and improving warehouse operational efficiency.

What Types of Services Can You Expect
from Concentric?

Planned Maintenance Programs

Our comprehensive planned maintenance programs are customized for your warehouse facility. The benefits offered include routine cleaning, lubrication, operational checks, adjustments, and inspections of all warehouse equipment. Additionally, we can add OSHA compliance, training for employee protection, and capital budget planning for any and all future upgrades.

Planned maintenance is necessary to keep your warehouse and loading dock operating efficiently. Our technician specialists are some of the most experienced in this niche industry, so you never have to worry about receiving a subpar planned maintenance program.




Whether it’s for pallet racks, motive power equipment, or dock and door, we provide you with written reports outlining noticeable issues or damages found by our technicians and offer recommendations on how to correct these issues. By using our planned maintenance programs, you can lower total ownership costs and prevent untimely equipment breakdowns.


Industrial Forklift Battery & Charger Repair

Keeping your motive power equipment fully operational is essential for ongoing warehouse operations. We offer on and off-site industrial battery and charger repair performed by experienced, certified technicians. Each of our service trucks comes stocked with an extensive selection of replacement parts and accessories to better meet your motive power needs.

When you allow routine planned maintenance to be performed on your forklift batteries and chargers, you are getting the most out of your investment. Our trained battery and charger technicians make sure you are getting the full useful life out of your industrial batteries and chargers.

Our on-site service technicians are available 24/7 to troubleshoot and repair batteries and chargers at your location. We also conduct battery safety surveys that provide you with a written checklist on the condition of your batteries and what repair or replacement services are needed.

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Industrial Battery Training & Education

Additionally, Concentric offers on and off-site battery and charger training classes taught by our motive power expert technicians. We provide training and tips to help you maximize usable battery life, improve safety, and prevent expensive repairs from premature battery or charger failure.

Learn More About Battery Safety

Our motive power battery and charger class topics will cover:

  • Battery Watering: How and when to water forklift batteries
  • Battery Changing: Replacing batteries from a specific forklift and lift truck model
  • Cable Repair: How to repair and replace battery cables
  • Battery Charging: Recharging batteries for maximum life and performance
  • Battery Fleet Management: Learn tips on how to accumulate enough industrial batteries to supply your forklift fleet
  • Safety: Includes general information on batteries and chargers and electricity safety

Pallet Rack Repair & Installation

Part of our storage and handling services is about making sure you are using the right pallet rack systems for your warehouse. Our pallet rack installation services help create greater space utilization, aid in warehouse organization, and increase storage capacity. Ensuring your racking system is properly installed is key to preventing pallet rack collapses that could cause serious harm to employees and damage warehouse assets and equipment.

Pallet rack damage is a common occurrence in warehouses, but failing to address and repair the damage can result in a bigger safety issue. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), and OSHA each have regulations and guidelines on proper pallet rack safety. Replacing an unsafe or damaged pallet rack system is important to protecting the safety of your warehouse assets and employees.



Our pallet rack repair and replacement services include surveying the rack damage, proposing the most efficient way to repair the damage, and installing new pallet racks to replace the old ones. To help restore your racking systems, we cut and remove the damaged components and replace them with newer, stronger materials designed to withstand future impacts.

Check out our blog for posts about our recent pallet rack repair and replacement project of the month.

If you want to further improve the safety of your racking systems, we also offer several pallet rack safety tools that can help you meet OSHA safety requirements and comply with other warehouse storage safety standards.

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Dock and Door Safety & Repair Services

A loading dock is one of the busiest areas in a warehouse — which also means it’s one of the most hazardous areas. All the different operations being performed increase the risk of equipment failures and other loading accidents that result in bodily injuries and asset damage. Even if your warehouse is on a tight budget, you should never compromise on safety.

We provide leading brands of Original Equipment (OE) Parts to keep your warehouse shipping and delivery operations smooth and efficient at the lowest possible cost. Our selection of dock levelers, seals and shelters, trailer restraints, and industrial doors helps your loading dock stay clean and clear of debris, keep out the weather elements, and offer secure protection when sealed.

It’s important to maintain loading dock and door safety to keep operations on schedule and avoid serious injuries. We service a variety of warehouse dock equipment and respond quickly to equipment breakdowns to prevent excessive downtime.

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Keep Your Warehouse Efficient With Ongoing Services

Concentric is your number one warehouse service expert. Our goal is to meet your warehouse needs by helping to maintain the efficiency and safety of your operations at an affordable cost within your budget. We provide you with high quality, reliable equipment and products to boost productivity while reducing untimely breakdowns and costly repairs.

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