Safety Is Our Top Priority For Florida & Georgia Loading Docks & Doors


Safety is the # 1 concern on and around the loading dock. As the employer, you must do everything required by OSHA and the go the “extra mile” to ensure the safety of your employees and anyone else with access to the dock area.


Loading docks are a hub of activity in manufacturing, warehouses, industrial buildings, and distribution centers. In most companies, this is the primary location of movement of product in and out of a facility. A loading dock is a recessed bay in a facility where trucks are loaded and unloaded. Loading docks may be exterior, flush with the building envelope, or fully enclosed. When looking at the different operations taking place in a warehouse, distribution center, or other loading/unloading operations, loading dock environments can be one of the more hazardous areas.

The occupational safety and health administration (OHSA) regulation specific to loading dock safety is found in 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1910.176 material handlings. The majority of all regulations for loading docks are actually a part of OSHA rules for the operation and design of forklifts used on loading docks.


Trailer Restraints

Prevents a truck from moving during loading and unloading. 

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Barrier Lip

Creates a positive stop for forklift trucks.

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Bar Lift Barrier

Prevents lift trucks from driving over the dock edge. 

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Dock Alert

Dock commutation system prevents trailers from pulling away.

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Dock Lighting

Make sure your operators can see while they’re inside loading/ unloading trailers.

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Safety Gate

Guard the pedestrian walkways in and around the loading dock area.

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Concentric mobile field service technicians are here to keep your shipping and receiving operations running smoothly and at the lowest possible cost. Let’s face it – most mechanical equipment will fail at some time. Optimization is about investing the right amounts of money at the right time to ensure maximize uptime at minimal cost.

Services Available:

  • Planned maintenance services
  • Routine repairs and emergency/ breakdown repairs
  • Installation on new or replacement equipment
  • Safety surveys


Parts are important, and “cheap parts” are usually not the lowest cost. Concentric provides leading brands of new products. When it’s time to replace a part, we provide the OE – Original Equipment – Parts, wherever and whenever possible. Parts are important! We provide the best quality parts to keep you safe and productive.


Contact us today for a loading dock safety survey of your location. We will provide a written check sheet of the condition of your dock area and what needs to be fixed to ensure your dock area can pass an inspection if one occurs.

Most importantly — be proactive.


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