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Rack Repair, maintenance, and safety are all essential parts of the day to day operation of any warehouse or distribution center.  The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) set forth guidelines that are important to know and understand—such as ANSI MH16.3-2016 or ANSI MH16.1-2012. These guidelines include requirements like the frequent inspections of racking systems, the repair or replacement of damaged or unsafe components, and installation safety products that protect both warehouse systems and employees from harm (including safety barriers, warehouse lighting, and safety signs).

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Rack Repair: Damaged Racks Happen

Rack Repair: Damaged Racks Happen

Damaged pallet racks are a commonplace occurrence in any warehouse. Maybe a rack was overloaded, a forklift collided with the column support, or an old rack became corroded. Whatever the cause, our rack repair solutions can help you restore your warehouse racks by cutting out the damaged components and replacing them with newer, stronger materials that are designed to resist future impacts.

Our repair process includes a survey of the damage, a proposal for the most efficient & effective repair, and the installation of the new racks to replaced the damaged ones.

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Maintenance: Keep Your Warehouse in Top Shape

Preventative maintenance is crucial for preventing damage to your warehouse equipment and minimizing the risk of employee injury. Our comprehensive planned maintenance program is customized for your facility and your type of pallet racking system. The programs include visual inspections, from the ground, of each component to identify and proactively address any damage or issues before they progress into a costly collapse or failure. Inspections can be performed at whatever frequency is required. Once the inspections are completed, we will provide a written report and present our findings to management with recommendations for corrective actions required.  

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We provide numerous safety tools that are critical for regulatory compliance with various warehouse storage safety standards. Not only do these tools help you meet OSHA safety requirements, but they also help to prevent lost-time work incidents that increase your costs and reduce your productivity. Here are some of the warehouse safety tools that we offer:


Protect warehouse areas, walkways, conveyors, and racking systems. 

RMI Guidelines


Visual deterrents to protect personnel, equipment, and property.

RMI Guidelines

Rack Netting

Reduces the chances of products falling on an employee below your racks. 

RMI Guidelines

Wire Mesh Rack Back

A sturdier solution for protecting employees below your racks that are designed to hold back heavier objects.

RMI Guidelines

Wire Mesh Decking

Spans entire depth of the upright racking to prevent pallets from falling through while meeting fire codes.

RMI Guidelines

Pallet Support Bars

Less expensive option than wire decking for providing support under the pallet and strengthening the beam level.

RMI Guidelines

Punch Deck

Corrugated steel decking that is 50% open to meet fire codes while creating a solid level for storage in a pick module or hand pick application.

RMI Guidelines

Column Protectors

Protect upright columns from lift truck impact so the risk of damage that can cause catastrophic failure is lessened.

RMI Guidelines

Rack End Guards

Protect your racks from damage by absorbing the impact from lift trucks at the ends of rows and tunnels. 

RMI Guidelines

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