How To Make Your Warehouse Operations Environmentally Friendly

July 10, 2019

There are numerous advantages to eco friendly warehouses: decreased utility bills, reduced carbon footprints, and proud employees are just a few. For many warehouse managers, “going green” can sound overwhelming. In reality, there are many small and simple steps you can take to make your warehouse operations more environmentally friendly.

So, here are four tips for making your warehouse operations greener without sacrificing quality or efficiency!

Invest in Energy Efficient Industrial Batteries

Industrial batteries are a key component of your warehouse operations—you need them to power the equipment that moves your products and drives revenue. So, if you already have to use industrial batteries, why not invest in ones that are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly? In fact, there are many Hawker batteries that making going green simple and cost-effective without sacrificing quality or productivity!

For example, most industrial batteries need to be watered every two to three weeks—but not the Hawker WATER LESS® battery. It only needs to be watered four to six times per year, but has the same run time and cycle life. This means you can reduce your maintenance and utility expenses as well as the amount of water you’re using without any additional battery downtime. Another product, the Hawker ENERGY-PLUS™ battery, provides up to 20% more energy than conventional industrial batteries, meaning fewer change outs and the need to keep fewer spare batteries and chargers on hand. This results in less frequent watering maintenance and charging, plus less battery storage space that must be air conditioned and lit—decreasing your use of water and electricity, plus the total operating costs of the battery.

The ENVIROLINK™, Hawker’s most environmentally-friendly battery yet, never needs to be watered—completely eliminating watering costs. Since it emits basically no hydrogen, it also eliminates the need for special ventilation. Both of these features reduce energy consumption and utility costs throughout your warehouse.

Utilize Recycled Batteries

Buying reconditioned or recycled batteries and chargers can be a great way for your business to be more environmentally friendly while lowering warehouse equipment costs. Used industrial batteries are more affordable than new ones and can be a valuable part of your commitment to going green. You can highlight your use of recycled warehouse equipment in your marketing initiatives, which can enhance your brand’s image and attract eco-conscious consumers.

However, if you’re going to utilize recycled batteries, be sure they are high-quality and guaranteed to work efficiently and reliably. Reconditioned Hawker batteries can provide you with this peace of mind. They’ve implemented a recycling program that allows spent lead-acid batteries to be reclaimed so they can be used again. Hawker’s recycled industrial batteries are held to a high standard and guaranteed to be a dependable powersource for your warehouse’s forklifts.

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Lighting

Upgrading to energy efficient lighting is a very simple way to make your warehouse operations environmentally friendly. Consider swapping out your old-fashioned light bulbs for more energy efficient options. For example, you could implement LED lighting throughout your warehouse—one of today's most energy-efficient lighting technologies that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

While switching out all of the bulbs in your warehouse requires an up-front cost, it can actually end up saving you big in the long run. LED and other energy-efficient bulbs actually tend to last longer than traditional bulbs and use significantly less energy. This means you’ll save on your electricity bill and won’t have to buy replacement bulbs as frequently—all while taking strides towards going green. Especially in large warehouses with hundreds of light bulbs, this small change can end up making a huge difference.

Make Sure Your Warehouse is Properly Insulated

Poor or insufficient insulation can allow the climate-controlled air to escape from your warehouse. This drives up your heating and cooling bills while wasting electricity. So, ensuring your warehouse is properly insulated can help keep the air you’re paying to heat up or cool down you warehouse where it actually belongs—inside.

One of the areas where climate-controlled air can easily escape is through your loading dock doors since they’re constantly being opened and closed to allow trucks and shipments into your warehouse. By using proper dock seals, you can effectively keep out environmental conditions while keeping in climate controlled air. This saves you from wasteful spending on powering your air conditioning system and reduces the amount of electricity you’re consuming. It also creates a more comfortable working environment for your warehouse staff and protects your stored inventory from damage such as warping due to sudden changes in heat and humidity.

By using energy efficient industrial batteries, adding recycled batteries to your fleet, switching your light bulbs, and properly insulating your warehouse, you can effectively conduct more eco-friendly warehouse operations—without breaking the bank or sacrificing efficiency!

For more information about purchasing Hawker batteries or guidance when going green, contact an expert at Southern States Enterprises today. We’re ready to help you transform your warehouse operations for increased productivity and cost savings—all while helping the environment!

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