How Hawker Batteries Can Help Your Forklifts 'Go Green'

April 23, 2019

A recent Unilever study revealed that a third of consumers now buy from brands based on their social and environmental impact. This means that many modern consumers don’t just prefer for companies to be environmentally-conscious, but rather expect this trait if they’re to make a purchase.

With more than 90% of CEOs believing that sustainability is fundamental for business success in today’s market, how can your warehouse operation get on board too? Utilizing Hawker's high-quality, eco-friendly batteries is a simple place to start. Here’s a few ways that Hawker batteries can help your forklifts go green—while still improving the health and safety of your employees and optimizing productivity!

Gain Peace of Mind About the Origin of Your Hawker Batteries

Being environmentally-friendly is a fundamental part of Hawker’s operations and history. Their state-of-the-art facility located in Ooltewah, TN operates in the top percentile of efficiency—while still meeting or exceeding all known and anticipated EPA and OSHA regulations. The facility also features a revolutionary ventilation system which protects both their employees and the surrounding environment from harmful acid fumes.

Hawker goes the extra mile to ensure they are “operating in the green.” By offering a wide range of solutions to your battery needs that can boost production while still being sustainable, you can have peace of mind and confidence using their batteries in your forklifts.

Reduce Long-Term Maintenance and Utility Expenses

Hawker offers a variety of battery types, and some are specifically designed to help combat common maintenance issues and inefficiencies that can cause your utility bills to skyrocket. For example, a typical industrial battery has to be watered every two to three weeks. However, the Hawker WATER LESS® battery is specially designed to reduce the need to replace water so frequently without sacrificing run time or cycle life. According to Hawker, this battery requires watering just four to six times per year in most applications, which means you can reduce your maintenance and watering expenses by more than 90%. In addition to reducing your utility bill, this can impact the overall efficiency of your warehouse’s forklifts. Fewer maintenance cycles for replenishing water results in less time spent on servicing batteries—so your forklifts can spend more time actually moving products and generating value for your business.

Another product, the Hawker ENERGY-PLUS™ battery, delivers up to 20% more energy than conventional batteries by with more active material—but no increase in tray size. Fewer change outs mean you can keep less spare batteries and chargers on hand. This results in less frequent watering maintenance and charging, plus less room used for battery storage space that needs to be air conditioned and lit. All of these factors help decrease the total operating costs of the battery and its associated utility expenses.

Hawker’s most environmentally-friendly battery, the ENVIROLINK™, is sealed to be leak-proof and spill-proof. This means that your employees will never have to worry about acid spills or excessive gassing during the charge cycle. Additionally, you will never need to add water for the entire lifetime of the battery, completely eliminating watering costs—and, because it emits almost no hydrogen, there is no need for special ventilation. All of these factors contribute to a safer environment for your employees, plus reduced energy consumption and utility costs that will help your efforts to go green.

Optimize Battery-Charging for Energy Efficiency

There are many different kinds of Hawker battery chargers, each of which is designed to optimize a different aspect of your forklift batteries’ performance. For example, if you need a fast, IONIC, or opportunity charger system for your batteries, the Hawker LIFESPEED® MOD3 has the flexibility to operate in all three of these modes. On the other hand, the LIFEPLUS® MOD3 offers superior energy efficiency to help you reduce the total cost of ownership.

Optimizing your battery charging schedule increases the battery’s useful life and minimizes downtime required for additional charging and maintenance. Charger options that maximize energy efficiency makes it possible to lower your utility bills while making strides towards being more environmentally-friendly. Therefore, if energy efficiency is an important factor in your battery-charging schedule, there are specific Hawker products and chargers you may want to use over others.

Consider Utilizing Recycled Hawker Batteries

Hawker has implemented a recycling program where spent lead-acid batteries are reclaimed so they can be reused. Rather than buying a brand new battery, this option can be more cost-effective for your business—however, you don’t want to trust that just any reconditioned battery will operate efficiently. It has to come from a reliable, trusted manufacturer who can guarantee the quality of their used equipment. Trying to save a few bucks by buying a used battery will certainly backfire if it is defective and you have to buy a new one anyways. That’s why Hawker’s reconditioned forklift battery products are all made to a high initial standard and then reconditioned to provide a reliable product for your warehouse’s forklifts.

Buying reconditioned forklift batteries can be a great way for your business to lower costs while still operating efficiently and protecting the environment. Pre-owned industrial batteries are often less expensive than brand-new ones, which reduces up-front costs that can then free up capital for other business expenses. Additionally, using reconditioned batteries can help demonstrate your commitment to going green. Both you and your downstream supply chain customers can then speak to this in their marketing initiatives, citing your warehouse or distribution center as an eco-friendly operation.

Putting Hawker batteries in your forklifts positively affects both your bottom line and the environment. This simple decision can have a lasting impact that goes far beyond just your warehouse. By going green with Hawker products, you can not only save some green, but make simple strides towards becoming an all-around more sustainable business.

For more information about purchasing Hawker batteries and how they can empower your business to be environmentally-conscious, contact one of Southern States Enterprises’ motive power experts today.

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