Top Tips For A Successful Forklift Battery Maintenance Program

February 14, 2020

By following a stringent maintenance program, you can utilize your forklift batteries to their greatest potential in order to optimize productivity, ensure employee safety, and getting the highest return on investment.

Ensuring proper battery maintenance is essential to guaranteeing the most out of your battery investment and staying productive. To make sure you’re getting the most useful life out of your forklift batteries and reducing any long-term maintenance expenses, follow the following tips for creating a successful forklift battery maintenance program

Tips for Creating a Forklift Battery Maintenance Program

1) Always be careful when performing maintenance on batteries and follow OSHA regulations, including wearing a face or/and safety glasses and ensuring there is adequate ventilation when charging.

2) Always keep batteries clean and dry.

3) Have certified and trained technicians check your flooded batteries electrolyte levels weekly.

4) Always check to make sure chargers are off before connecting or disconnecting batteries.

5) Use the manufacturer-specified charger for your specific forklift battery and follow the specified instructions.

6) Ensure you fully recharge each battery after ever work cycle. It’s best to not partially charge batteries as it reduces battery useful life.

7) Only remove battery caps when refilling flooded batteries. Make sure to put caps back on after each refill and when charging and cleaning.

8) Be sure to record, on a schedule, all service and maintenance performed so you always have clear, verifiable records of the last time each battery and charger was maintained. 

9) Make sure all battery service and maintenance is performed by certified and trained battery professionals.

By maintaining these tips and following a strategically-planned, routine maintenance, you will maximize your investment in motive power equipment and forklift batteries—all while boosting efficiency in your warehouse and reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

SSE is here to help transform your warehouse maintenance program into one that ensures success and not (battery) failure! We’re able to customize our forklift battery solutions and comprehensive maintenance services to meet the needs of your own warehouse facility and operations. 

Are you ready to use your forklift batteries to their greatest potential? Download our guide to learn more about a successful forklift battery planned maintenance. 

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