Helpful Tips to Protect Your Warehouse Inventory from Damage

March 27, 2019

Warehouse managers have a responsibility to protect the safety of their workers and warehouse inventory. Accidents will happen, but it should always be a priority to follow the proper preventative maintenance strategies and mitigate risks as much as possible. By doing so, you can help ensure that your warehouse operations are efficient and continually maintaining a high level of productivity.

When you have an unsafe work environment, you endanger the safety and productivity of your warehouse assets and employees. Here are some helpful tips to protect your warehouse inventory from damage that also demonstrate why ongoing warehouse maintenance is a critical part of your warehouse operations.

Have the Proper Storage Space

It’s important to have enough storage space for your warehouse stock. Leaving assets on the floor or shoving them into already tight spaces increases the chance of them being damaged or crushed. Plus, it can make it hard for workers to perform daily tasks if your warehouse is cluttered and creates obstacles for motive power equipment to maneuver around.

One of the best ways to increase your warehouse space is by installing pallet rack shelving. Pallet racks aid in organization, optimize your warehouse space, and increase storage capacity. There are several pallet storage system styles that can be modified and installed to fit your storage needs and properly store your warehouse inventory.

It’s also important to allow planned maintenance for any pallet racks you may already own. Overloading a pallet rack past its weight capacity or having one that isn’t properly installed can increase the likelihood of the entire system collapsing. Damaged racking systems are bound to happen, but receiving ongoing rack repair and safety services will help maintain pallet rack and warehouse safety by inspecting their structural condition and performing the necessary corrective actions recommended by service technicians.

Regularly Service All Motive Power Equipment

Motive power equipment is essential for most warehouse operations, which is why regular servicing is needed to keep them in good working condition. Sudden equipment failure increases maintenance costs and creates hazardous situations for the workers operating the machinery. One of the quickest ways this can happen is when damaged forklift batteries aren’t replaced or the proper battery charging practices aren’t being followed. These can lead to issues like excessive battery sulfation or shortening a battery’s useful life.

Planned maintenance helps maintain their operational efficiency and lowers the risk of equipment breakdowns or the need for part replacements. It also keeps warehouse inventory safe from being mishandled or damaged by forklifts and other motive power tools transporting warehouse assets from one location to another. Even if you’re on a budget, there are used or rented motive power equipment options that are guaranteed to be reliable and work efficiently.

Maintaining a Safe Loading Dock

Your loading dock is where most, if not all of your warehouse inventory and assets, come and go on a regular basis. Loading docks are the busiest areas of a warehouse and have the highest amount of traffic — making it an extremely dangerous area as well. That why warehouse managers should follow the proper preventative maintenance strategies to help sustain operational efficiency and protect warehouse stock.

It’s important to make sure all dock doors are operating correctly, and that any needing repairs receive proper servicing as soon as possible. Not fixing a broken dock door compromises warehouse safety by leaving your facility at risk for theft and having unwanted pests and debris create an unsafe and dirty work environment. It’s also vital to have the right fire safety tools nearby in case a fire should break out around your loading dock. A fire is a devastating event that could destroy warehouse inventory and leave an industrial facility inoperable for months.

While it’s not possible to completely prevent any type of accident from ever occurring, implementing strong preventative maintenance strategies, along with ongoing warehouse service, can greatly reduce your risks and improve the safety of your warehouse assets. At Southern States Enterprises, our trained technicians provide expert services for warehouse storage and handling, motive power, and loading docks.

To ensure your warehouse inventory is protected, we provide safety surveys to help find problems with your warehouse safety and offer solutions on how to correct the problems before they become a costly expense. Plus, by downloading our maintenance manager checklist, you can also keep track of any maintenance issues and prioritize them as needed! Contact a representative today to learn more about our range of warehouse services. Maintenance Manager Checklist

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