Prioritize Loading Dock Safety With The Right Loading Dock Doors

October 21, 2020

Safety and efficiency should be the highest priorities for your loading dock. Not only are loading docks some of the busiest sections of a warehouse, but they also carry some of the highest risk. Employees can be injured by faulty doors, incoming vehicles, heavy inventory, and slippery surfaces.  

Warehouse managers need to find a balance between boosting warehouse operations and streamlining processes, as well as improving safety. The right-fitting loading dock doors can help accomplish this. With the right doors for your warehouse, your loading dock can be efficiently optimized for productivity, safety, and cost-cutting.


The right loading dock doors can reap your warehouse a variety of rewards, including lower costs, better climate control, and customizable features that make it possible to streamline your operations for increased efficiency. 

However, the opposite can be said for poor-fitting equipment. Ill-fitting doors can slow productivity and increase the chances of workplace related injuries, which can lead to increased facility costs and a poor reputation for your brand. Taking the time to choose loading dock doors that are better suited for your unique loading dock specifications and needs is important for facilitating safety and operational efficiency. Listed below are some of the benefits reaped by taking the time to install properly fitted loading dock doors. 


Warehouses located anywhere with habitually high temperatures and humidity, such as Florida, must have proper climate control. Humid conditions and hot temperatures can result in poor operations efficiency and safety due to employees at risk for dehydration, overheating (for both workers and machines), and slow overall performance. 

Sudden changes in heat and humidity can even cause damage to your warehouse inventory, which can lead to increased costs from replacements. Some products must be kept at certain temperatures or they will be at risk of damage. 

Accurate fitting loading dock doors are designed to fit securely to minimize any fluctuating temperatures or environment conditions that can negatively impact employees and damage inventory. Loading doors that fit right also result in lower energy costs since climate control is more easily maintained. Without proper sealing doors, heating and cooling costs can spike due to air leakage. By taking the time to install the right-fitting loading dock doors and seals, you can prevent both excessive energy waste and its ensuing costs.  


The elements are not too kind to your warehouse equipment. Constant exposure to the outside environment will result in wear and tear, resulting in disrupted operations, decreased productivity, higher costs, and concerns about employee safety. 

Keep out high winds, rain, snow, sleet, and whatever else the elements can throw at your warehouse with properly equipped loading dock doors. When dock doors are fitted properly and outfitted with loading dock seals or shelters, you can make sure damaging environmental conditions stay outside.

Prevent any obstacles from keeping your equipment and employees operating in top condition, such as rain water, ice, or annoying insects, and see the results in improved productivity! When equipment is less exposed to the elements, it will receive less wear and tear and require less costly repairs, saving your warehouse from these expensive costs. Plus, your employees can focus on getting their jobs done safely without having to worry about slipping and falling because they're swatting a fly out of their face!


Employees can feel assured that their safety is a priority for your warehouse knowing properly-fitted loading door doors are installed. Your loading dock is one of busiest areas of the warehouse; with trucks, and employees constantly moving through your loading dock area, it’s easy to have an accident that can result in serious injuries. 

Loading dock doors increase employee safety by preventing outside elements from entering the warehouse space and causing a safety hazard. Especially if your warehouse is in an area with intense rainy seasons, wet floors can be hazardous for fast paced operations and put your employees at risk. Dock doors also prevent rain from entering and resulting in potential slip-and-fall injuries.  

Additionally, doors keep high winds and unwanted bugs at bay. Strong winds can unbalance employees and topple forklifts and inventory, while pesky bugs are not only an annoyance but can also spread pest-borne illnesses. Loading dock doors not only prevent annoying insects and puddles, but protect warehouse staff so they can focus on their operations rather than worry about their safety. 


With the help of properly installed loading dock doors, your loading dock can transform into a much safer and efficient place. Your warehouse can reduce money lost due to inefficient energy costs and wear and tear due to the elements. The right loading dock equipment can give both you and your warehouse staff the peace of mind that safety is priority while preventing excessive downtime that means lost revenue for your business.

Southern States Enterprises is proud to offer the widest and most comprehensive line of premium loading dock equipment and systems—plus the maintenance and repair services to keep them running smoothly long-term. If you’re interested in transforming your loading dock area into a more productive and profitable place of your warehouse, contact us today. We're here and ready to help!

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