Are Your Loading Dock Doors Losing You Money?

December 01, 2018

A loading dock is one of the busiest sections of a warehouse. It’s only natural then, that this area has the most energy consumption. But, did you know, this energy consumption could be costing you extra money every month?

It’s a common problem, and it circles back to poor loading dock door conditions. Cool air and warm heat continuously escape the huge hole in the wall and is the leading cause of energy waste in your warehouse. Without proper dock seals, a number of issues can cause disruption to your warehouse facilities:

  • Heating and cooling costs from air leakage can inflate from gaps between trucks and the building;
  • Water, snow, and other debris can damage equipment, cause unsafe conditions for workers, and can get into the trucks;
  • Employment productivity decreases with exposure to the elements and extreme temperature change; and
  • Unauthorized access to loading dock areas can increase risk of theft.

How Loading Dock Seals and Shelters Save You Money

It is essential to maintain safe and appropriate work guidelines. When there is slack, the chances of poor productivity and injury become much higher. More importantly, it can minimize facility costs, and with customizable features, dock seals and shelters are perfect for any size warehouse and for any type of business operations. In addition to these benefits, there are several other reasons why it’s important to have proper dock seals and shelters for your industrial doors:

  1. They keep the floors dry: Especially if you are prone to intense rainy seasons, a dry floor is essential for fast paced operations and ensuring the safety of your workers. Too many slip-and-fall injuries can happen with a slick floor, even with the proper footwear and warning signage.
  2. Keeps out high winds: If you’ve ever watched the Wizard of Oz, then you know how intense and damaging high wind velocities can be. And while you won’t get a pair of ruby slippers, you will get unbalanced workers and forklifts fighting against being toppled over by the gusts.
  3. Keeps out bugs and pests: A tight dock seal keeps those unwanted bugs at bay. Not only are they annoying, but certain bugs and pests can spread pest-borne illnesses. Plus, you don’t want a worker falling from the top of a mezzanine because he’s trying not to get stung by a wasp.
  4. Helps maintain climate control: If you live somewhere habitually hot and humid, like Florida, then you know the importance of quality air flow in the workplace. An environment that is too warm can cause dehydration, overheating (for both workers and machines), and results in slower work performance. Sudden changes in heat and humidity can even cause damage to your warehouse products.

Types of Load Dock Door Seals and Shelters

The right equipment reaps the most reward. To upgrade your current warehouse practices, Southern State Enterprise offers a quality selection of seals and shelters, sure to enhance all your dock door needs:

  • Foam curtain dock seals are made with durable L-shaped foam padding that creates a comfortable seal for trucks backing in, ensuring foam doesn’t protrude into the trailer or cause obstruction when accessing loads.
  • Soft-sided shelters side pads and dock shelter style curtain allow this product to act like a seal and shelter all at once! It provides full access to the back of a truck, and yields to impact from an off-center truck that is improperly positioned at the loading dock.
  • Rigid shelters have side and top curtains that flex inward, conforming to a truck’s body as it backs into the shelter, completely sealing the sides and top.
  • Collapsible shelters are made from frames that collapse against the building if hit by a poorly aligned truck, rather than failing like a traditional dock door frame design

Maximizing loading dock efficiency and lowering energy costs should both be goals when optimizing the work conditions of your warehouse. At Southern States Enterprises, we provide highly-reliable, quality products for all your warehouse storage and equipment needs to help achieve your business goals.

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