Why It's Important to Install Pallet Racks Right the First Time

August 14, 2019

Pallet racks are a simple yet valuable solution that can help you get the most out of your limited warehouse storage space. However, a poor pallet rack installation can end up doing a lot more harm than good in your facility.

So, if you’re going to invest time and money in selecting and setting up pallet storage systems, you need to ensure you do it right the first time around. Here are three key reasons why.

Overcome Warehouse Storage Constraints

Every facility only has a certain amount of space to work with, so it’s important that you’re able to make the most of it. Choosing pallet racks that are aligned to meet your particular warehouse storage needs can increase warehouse optimization and help you overcome space constraints. However, many warehouse managers realize their new pallet storage system doesn't help them make the most of their space after it has already been installed because they didn’t choose the right one in the first place. This is why doing research on the different types of pallet rack designs to figure out which is right for your warehouse storage objectives is incredibly important. Each type of pallet rack has its own unique characteristics and storage features which are made to accommodate different needs.

Be sure to always measure the dimensions of the area where the pallet rack will be placed before installation, as trying to force one into too tight of an area will make the pallet rack installation more difficult and could prevent it from being able to store its maximum capacity. If you simply pick the least expensive or easiest option, you could likely find that it isn’t meeting your warehouse storage needs a few months down the line. In this case, you’d have to rip out the pallet racks, purchase new ones, and set them up all over again—doubling the cost of your pallet rack installation and resulting in additional downtime that can bring warehouse productivity to a halt.

Increase Operational Efficiency

A warehouse can be an extremely hectic place with employees, inventory, trucks, and forklifts moving in and out throughout the day. Making sure your warehouse storage space is as organized as possible can be a valuable key to maintaining worker efficiency. A proper pallet rack installation makes this possible by allowing employees to quickly and safely locate the materials they need to grab from your pallet storage systems to do their jobs effectively.

On the flip side, poorly installed pallet racks that are disorganized, overloaded, or unstable can make it harder for your warehouse employees to complete basic job tasks. This can quickly cause frustration, additional downtime, and mistakes when it comes to processing, shipping, and receiving inventory. Even if your pallet rack installation was done correctly the first time around, don’t forget that you need to be conducting regular pallet rack maintenance if you want to keep your storage system operating at maximum efficiency over time.

Decrease the Risks and Costs of Workplace Injuries

Perhaps the greatest danger of poorly installed pallet racks is that they drastically increase the chances of workplace injuries. Pallet racks that are set up with loose bolts, unbalanced shelving levels, or a malfunctioning vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) can easily collapse, putting workers and surrounding warehouse assets in harm’s way from falling debris. Overloaded pallet racking systems can also present a huge hazard, and become even more dangerous if the pallet rack installation wasn’t properly designed to fit the true size, weight, and density of the assets being stored on the pallet rack in the first place.

Overall, a sloppy pallet rack installation can cause a lot of workplace safety concerns. Collapsing pallet racks or debris falling off the sides of overloaded pallet storage systems can seriously harm your employees or an innocent passerby, plus damage your valuable warehouse equipment and inventory. This can result in higher workers’ compensation premiums, insurance and legal fees, and lost revenue when broken inventory cannot be sold or a forklift that was hit by falling debris is no longer operational.

At SSE, we provide only the highest-quality warehouse storage products and pallet rack installation services. We’re here to give you peace of mind that your new pallet racks will be set up correctly the first time!

We also provide comprehensive warehouse services—including both emergency pallet rack repairs and planned preventative pallet rack maintenance—to keep your pallet storage systems operating at maximum safety and efficiency over time.

Are you ready to transform your warehouse storage space? Are you looking to experience the true time and cost savings that come with warehouse optimization? If so, contact us today!

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