How to Choose the Right Pallet Rack

December 19, 2018

A warehouse needs sturdy equipment to store and hold inventory. The best solution for this is to have a sturdy pallet rack system. Pallet racks aid in organization, increase space efficiency, and improve storage capacity. But with so many different options, how do you know which one will work best for your warehouse needs?

To make your decision easier, here is a comprehensive list of pallet rack styles, their functions, and uses for business operations.

Comparison of Hot-Rolled and Cold-Rolled Pallet Racks

Before we discuss the different styles of pallet racking, we need to compare the way they are designed. There are two categories of pallet racking: roll-formed and structural. Each are made either from hot-rolled steel or cold-rolled steel.

Roll-formed pallet systems are made from cold-rolled steel. Unlike hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel is shaped and processed at room temperature and forms more consistent shapes and dimensions. This also makes roll-formed pallet systems less expensive The assembly of a roll-formed pallet rack is quick and simple with the teardrop connections only needing a smack from a mallet to fit firmly in place. This makes these types of pallet racks much easier to take apart and rebuild if you ever need to redesign or re-organize your warehouse floor layout.

Hot-rolled pallet racks are made just as their name indicates. Hot-rolled steel is formed at 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit and is much heavier than a roll-formed pallet rack system. Structural pallet racks have strong bolt connections and are much more time-consuming assembly wise, where adjusting the beam levels on structural racks is a lengthier process than switching out racks from a roll-formed pallet rack.

When comparing their ability to handle impacts and weight capacity, structural pallet racks can endure more because of their heavier construction. Structural pallet racks are meant for fast-paced warehouse operations that can store inventory which is on the heavier side. Roll-formed pallet racks can hold only about 3,000-7,000 lbs of weight due to their less secure teardrop connections. Structural racks, on the other hand, can hold up to 30,000 lbs of product based on the rack system used and the spacing from the support beams.

Types of Pallet Rack Systems

Once you decide on the style of pallet rack you want, you then have to figure out which design you need based on their functions, dimensions, and weight capacities. While pallet systems can be customizable, it’s important to know which one works best for your warehouse needs. Below is a list of common pallet rack designs that Southern State Enterprise carries:

  • Selective racking: These horizontal pallet beams are supported by vertical uprights that allow for easy adjusting for different elevation levels. This type of pallet rack is most common due to its versatility and offers full access to each pallet in the system with a weight capacity of more than 2,000 lbs.
  • Pallet Flow Rack: This storage system design is high density with the ability to hold about 3,000 lbs of warehouse inventory. Their heavy duty wheeled tracks carry the inventory from its loading point, all the way to the front of its unloading point.
  • Push Back Racking: Push back pallet design allows shelving to be 2-5 pallets deep and can hold up to 3,000 lbs. The pallets are placed on a nested cart that is then “pushed” back into the rack system once additional pallets are added for better storage density.
  • Drive In Racking- This mezzanine rack system are perfect for those wanting to use forklifts to retrieve inventory stored deeply. With this design, a forklift can gain access to one or both sides of the racking structure. Using drive in pallet racks reduces space and creates more storage density.
  • Carton Flow Rack: Like the name suggests, carton flow racks move cartons and boxes loaded at the back of the rack and gravity fed to the front for packing. This is done by having one beam higher than another, creating a sloped surface.
  • Cantilever Rack: Cantilever racking offers an open, free standing design structure that allows for bulkier loads to sit atop the mezzanine racks. The vertical towers and horizontal beams create a continuous level with no vertical interference in the front of the pallet rack

Whatever your pallet rack needs are, Southern State Enterprises offers excellent services in installation at an affordable rate! We work with your businesses interests in mind so that your warehouse operations are fully functional and efficient. Contact us today for your pallet rack quoting!

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