Maintain Your Industrial Batteries & Maximize Their Useful Life

February 16, 2017


Performing proper battery care and maintenance is critical to ensuring the longevity of your equipment’s batteries. Most companies would agree that having a battery care plan is important but many aren’t sure who or what department should oversee routine maintenance. Having the right team to routinely perform maintenance on your fleet's industrial batteries is crucial to maximizing their useful life. Southern States Enterprises is Florida and Georgia’s leading provider of industrial batteries, chargers and motive power application solutions. We provide mobile battery service by trained and certified service technicians that allows us to perform routine battery care and maintenance at your warehouse or ours to maximize the life of your investment.  

Read more to learn basic tips on pointers to make sure your getting the most out of your investment.

Tip 1:

Safety first! Always be careful when performing maintenance on batteries. Always make sure to wear face or/and safety glasses and that there is adequate ventilation when charging.

Tip 2:

Always keep batteries clean and dry.

Tip 3:

Have certified and trained technicians check your flooded batteries electrolyte levels weekly.

Tip 4:

Always check to make sure chargers are off before connecting or disconnecting batteries.

Tip 5:

Use the manufacturer specified charger and follow specified instruction.

Tip 6:

Ensure you fully recharge each battery after ever work cycle. It is best to not partially charge batteries as it reduces battery useful life.

Tip 7:

Only remove battery caps when refilling flooded batteries. Make sure to put caps back on after each refill and when charging and cleaning.

Tip 8:

Make sure all battery service and maintenance is performed by certified and trained battery professionals.

Tip 9:

Be sure to record, on a schedule, all service and maintenance performed.

It is essential that routine maintenance is performed to maximize useful life of your investment in industrial batteries. Make sure you get your money’s worth and let the experts help. Southern States Enterprises is Florida and Georgia’s leading service provider of industrial batteries. Let us help you save money by maximizing your industrial batteries useful life and contact us today.

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