A client was in desperate need of converting two of their warehouse doors that have been the wrong size for their needs for over 20 years to new doors that would provide them with a better solution and optimize their efficiency. At the ramp door opening, Southern States Dock & Door expanded the original 8’ wide x 10’ high sectional door to a 12’ wide x 14’ high rolling galvanized steel door. This new door allows for much taller products to be brought in and out of the warehouse and most importantly they are now able to use their side loading forklift in and out of the building increasing their loading and unloading efficiency. The second door that is used for bringing raw product in and finished product out of was previously 12’ wide x 14’ high sectional door. After Southern States Dock & Door completed the building modifications the new door is a 22’ wide x 14’ high rolling galvanized steel door. This door was used to bring in 20’ long raw materials through the 12’ wide opening causing diagonal loading and unloading which was time consuming and inefficient. By creating the larger 22’ wide opening Southern States Dock & Door was able to increase their efficiency by over 75%. This job was completed 100% after the customers operating hours as to not disturb the customer's operation. 

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