Semi-trailers chocks

A distributor in Fort Myers, Florida, wanted to be sure their forklift operators were safe when driving in and out of semi-trailers.  They contacted Southern States Dock & Door to provide a bulletproof solution. We provided “The Power Chock System3.”

This model combines the unsurpassed level of safety and an effective communication system with alarm.

  • Non-contact wheel sensor to ensure proper chock position.
  • Interior and exterior LED lights, notifies both the semi driver and the forklift operator when it is safe to enter and exit the trailer.

The Power Chock™ System 3 is composed of a large steel chock mounted on an articulated counterbalanced arm. The chock is placed in front of the vehicle’s rear wheel and locks onto a ground plate.

The communication system consists of a single wheel sensor linked to the interior and exterior red and green signal lights.

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