How to Benefit from Modular and In-Plant Warehouse Offices

August 16, 2018

In every warehouse and distribution center, space is always at a premium. Many managers begrudge every inch of space they have to give up for things other than storage. However, warehouse offices are a critical part of any warehouse space design.

After all, even the most spartan operations need a place for the warehouse management team to organize paperwork and oversee daily tasks. On the other hand, setting aside a permanent space in the warehouse design layout for an office can be tough—what if your warehouse expands in the future? Or, could the placement of the office interfere with operations in some way? What if the office needed to relocate later?

These questions can be pressing concerns with traditional office construction. But, there is an alternative to permanent office building: Using warehouse modular offices. In-plant modular office buildings are designed to be easy to set up, take down or expand as you see fit, making them an ideal solution for creating some office space in your warehouse.

How can you benefit from using modular warehouse offices? Here are a few ways:

Freely Reworking Your Warehouse Space Design

Because warehouse modular offices are designed to be moved around with ease, it’s relatively simple for you to rework the way the office space in your warehouse is arranged to accommodate new warehouse design layouts if you need to. So, if you need to free up the spot the modular office is in for some reason, you can easily relocate the office elsewhere.

A modular warehouse office used in this way can give you greater freedom in your warehouse space design.

Easy Expansion as Your Warehouse Grows

One of the key benefits of a modular office system is that new modules can be added with ease. This is a great feature for growing warehouses and distribution centers. By adding new modules, you can make more room for your warehouse management team, and scale your warehouse office space with the demands of an expanded warehouse.

Controlling Costs for Warehouse Office Space

Another benefit of being able to add more warehouse office space later is that this can help you control your costs for warehouse office space and spread these expenses out over time.

For example, say you were building a permanent warehouse office using traditional means. In the warehouse design layout, you would need to account for your projected growth several years down the line since adding more offices later would be difficult. So, you’d end up paying significantly more for additional space that you don’t need right away—eating into your capital expenditures budget for other necessities in your warehouse.

With in-plant modular office buildings, you could add the bare minimum office space you need for your current operations and expand later. This helps you to reduce your up-front costs so you can reallocate that budget to other necessities that will help your operation grow faster.

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