4 Tips to Improve Loading Safety

March 29, 2017

Loading docks are constantly busy and are at an increased risk for accidents, injury or worse. This is even truer during your businesses peak seasons. Increased risk means that you need to implement procedures to reduce as much risk at possible to ensure a safe work environment.

Here are four tips to help improve loading dock safety at your facility:


b2ap3_thumbnail_1_service_program1. Implement a professional service program.

Having a scheduled routine service program performed by certified service technicians is important for all dock and door equipment. Getting your dock levelers, docks, doors, bumpers, truck restraints and other loading bay equipment examined and serviced helps to eliminate any potential and untimely breakdowns in equipment or shutdowns due to injury. A thorough inspection by our certified technicians will keep any maintenance needed on a predetermined scheduled time to avoid untimely breakdowns during peak operating times.


b2ap3_thumbnail_2-training2. Employee training.

It is required by law to train all forklift operators. It is just as important to train all employees on proper use and maintenance of dock and door equipment to avoid injury, untimely breakdowns or death. Employees should be properly trained on procedures to effectively restrain trailers, utilize dock levelers before loading or unloading and other relevant dock equipment. Avoid any accidents before they happen and talk with a Southern States safety expert to get your employees trained on appropriate use and maintenance of your dock and door equipment today.


b2ap3_thumbnail_3-assess_everyloa_20170329-145855_13. Assess every load every time.

Make sure that dock workers assess each and every load before loading or unloading. Loads, equipment and employees often vary throughout the week, month and year and it’s important that workers are familiar with equipment. Make sure that loading equipment is able to access the trailer by checking trailer floor capacity and that they meet weight capacity of your dock levelers.




b2ap3_thumbnail_4-safety4. Utilize safety equipment, floor markings and keep the warehouse clean.

Mark hazards and safe areas with clear floor marking and safety signage around the warehouse. Doing so will help ensure that pedestrians, employees and equipment operators stay safe. Keep all dock leveler pits safe and functioning by removing any debris and trash. Also utilizing a pedestrian warning indicators and mirrors to reduce the risk of blind spots in the warehouse.



Southern States Enterprise’s Dock & Door division specializes in dock doors for commercial and industrial applications. Partnering with a professional dock and door company gives you vast insight from industry experts whose goal is to help you create a safe working environment for everyone that operates in and around your loading docks. From inspection to service, we provide the best dock and door products and services to keep you operating safely and efficiently.

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