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For over 20 years, manufacturing and warehouse businesses in Florida and South Georgia have relied on Southern States Enterprises (SSE) as the leading name in motive power, docks and doors, industrial pallet rack, pallet storage systems, and warehouse equipment.

Now part of Concentric, we’re excited to serve and support a customer base nation wide, supporting them for all their warehousing needs, including motive power, dock and door, and storage and handling. Learn more about how Concentric can help you save money, increase efficiency, and improve operations!


Whether you’re looking for a single industrial forklift charger or industrial batteries for an entire fleet, Concentric is here to help! We’re the experts in helping businesses improve productivity and efficiency with our motive power solutions, including:

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With the right industrial pallet rack and storage solutions, your warehouse can utilize more space, streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve employee safety:

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Loading dock safety is key in your fast-paced environment! The Concentric team of dock and door professionals specialize in providing you with the best in the industry to keep your shipping and receiving docks productive — and safe!

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Who We Are & Where We Work

For over 20 years, Southern States Enterprises (now part of Concentric) has been serving the regions of South Georgia, North Florida, and Central Florida. We are a strategic partner to help solve warehouse needs by offering customized solutions in material handling, specifically related to forklift batteries and chargers, pallet rack and racking systems, and loading dock doors and equipment. We know of no other company supplying this particular array of products, which all manufacturing and distribution companies use, from a single source.

Concentric started as a group of entrepreneurs reimagining the industrial battery space, leading to the creation of GuaranteedPOWER® in 2002. In 2018, several teams came together to form Concentric, including Southern States Enterprises (SSE). Now, Concentric consists of companies across the U.S. that share our mission for Customer-Centric power systems.

Case studies: See what We've Done!


Jacksonville, FL - A large customer was in the process of opening a new facility and needed Concentric (formerly Southern States Storage & Handling) to design and install warehouse racking systems. 

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Tampa, FL - This company was scaling up and needed AMP to upgrade their fleet of lift trucks and provide them with state-of-the-art battery charging technology.

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Maintenance & Service Solutions For New & Used Warehouse Equipment

Having a planned maintenance schedule helps to not only maintain productivity, but also save money by reducing the risk of equipment failure and repair and the resulting lost productivity from broken equipment. Concentric offers maintenance and scheduled service programs on both new and used warehouse equipment to help you get the most longevity out of your products. 

Our planned warehouse maintenance programs can be customized for your specific needs and are serviced by our expert technician specialists. Benefits include routine cleaning, lubrication, operational checks, adjustments, and inspections of all warehouse equipment.  We can additionally include OSHA compliance, training for employee protection, and capital budget planning for any and all future upgrades.