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Industrial Forklift Batteries With Southern States Motive Power

Southern States Motive Power is proud to partner with HAWKER Power Source, the world’s largest industrial battery brand. We choose to represent HAWKER because they deliver a level of performance and reliability unmatched in the motive power industry. With local forklift battery inventory available across Florida and Southern Georgia.

HAWKER’s superior performance and long-life cycle is based on the battery’s design and construction. HAWKER's products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that is a statement to both technological innovation and environmental friendliness. The quality and design involved in manufacturing HAWKER products ensures they will meet all your industrial forklift and electric pallet jack needs and exceed expectations.

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For a more rugged, full-shift power source, Powerline is the model sure to deliver. It has the thickest positive grid in the industry, the densest positive paste, microporous sleeved separators and the PowerPlus formation system. Powerline is designed for a long-life cycle sure to power forklifts, walkies and much more.

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The Energy Plus model is the ultimate power source. It is a battery that can operate even under the most demanding conditions. Energy Plus offers up to 20% more energy, lower operating costs, longer battery life and longer work cycles.

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The HAWKER Flex battery provides flexibility as it offers opportunity charging without battery changing. It has significant operations benefits at a lower cost of ownership making it worth the investment.

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For a battery with less watering maintenance, Water Less reduces watering so your business can keep operating with less interference. It’s the perfect combination of power and reduced cost.

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For businesses striving to be environmentally friendly, HAWKER’s Envirolink is the way to go. This valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery is leakproof, safe for employees, due to no required gassing during the charge cycle, and reduces expenses.

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A more flexible battery is FlexPak by HAWKER. Flexpak provides plug-and-play power and uses Thin Plate Pure Lead Technology to increase efficiency along with being built with a charger for easy charging.

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