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Safety is a high priority for all warehouse operations, and your forklifts are no exception to this rule. Forklift batteries can pose a number of safety hazards if improperly handled or maintained. To ensure forklift battery safety—and to meet stringent Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards—it is imperative that you go the extra mile to give your employees the right safety tools and training.


The OSHA regulations surrounding industrial batteries (such as forklift batteries) can be found in 29 CFR, part 1926. These regulations define a variety of requirements, such as how “Face shields, aprons, and rubber gloves shall be provided for workers handling acids or batteries” and “Facilities for quick drenching of the eyes and body shall be provided within 25 feet (7.62 m) of battery handling areas.” Employees should be made well aware of the OSHA regulations surrounding the use, storage, and maintenance of forklift batteries.

Providing employees with training in the safe handling of forklift batteries and the specific requirements enforced by OSHA is only the beginning. To help prevent injuries related to handling heavy-duty forklift batteries, it’s important to provide employees with the right tools to keep themselves well-protected from potential battery hazards.

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Wall Mount Eye Wash

Emergency wall-mounted eyewash station. Recommended for Battery Charging areas per OSHA 1910.268.

Battery Room Safety Wear

Battery Room Safety Wear kits contain personal safety wear appropriate for most battery room maintenance activities.

Acid Spill Kit

Kits contain basic personal safety wear, clean-up equipment, and Neutralizing Acid Adsorber™ in compact rigid pails with removable lids.


Battery Lifting Beams are designed to integrate with Gantry Cranes systems, completing a safe and efficient solution for vertical-extraction battery handling applications.

Battery Room Signage

Identify hazards of Battery Rooms at access points in a format and terminology required by regulatory authorities.

Safety Lockout Kits

The Personal Safety Lockout Kit for electrical lockouts is the perfect onsite companion for various types of electrical lockouts.


Having the right parts is crucial for safe and efficient forklift operations. Cheap, low-quality parts and tools may not have such a low cost in the long run when you factor in useful life and lost productivity. This is why SSMP provides a variety of leading brands of motive power products and battery safety solutions. When it’s time to replace a part, we provide the OE (Original Equipment) parts whenever and wherever possible. This is how we help keep your warehouse operations safe and productive.

Safety Survey

You can contact us today for a battery safety survey of your warehouse facilities. We will provide you with a written checklist of the condition of your batteries and what needs to be fixed to ensure your battery handling solutions can pass an OSHA inspection should one occur. Be safe and proactive with SSMP now.

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