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Batteries and Chargers for Users of Electric Forklift Trucks

Located in Tampa, Florida, with offices in Orlando, Jacksonville, and South Georgia (Valdosta and Macon), we distribute high quality, leading brands of equipment for powering electric forklift trucks. From batteries, battery chargers, handling and safety equipment, to opportunity and fast charging solutions, we have the equipment you need to drive productivity and revenue without sacrificing safety and quality. We also have a complete mobile and shop service capabilities and an array of the highest moving equipment in stock in one of our five stocking facilities. We operate our business in order to help our customers optimize efficiency, streamline operations, reduce operating expenses, and increase revenue. 

Offering new and used batteries and chargers, planned maintenance and repair services, mobile services, parts, and an array of rental and leasing options, we are a "one-stop" solutions provider for manufacturing and distribution companies operating electric powered forklift trucks.

  • Industrial Batteries – Conventional, lead acid, TPPL (Thin Plate Pure Lead), and Li3 (Lithium-Ion)
  • Industrial Battery Chargers – Conventional, High-Frequency, IGBT, and Fast/Opportunity chargers
  • Pallet Jack Batteries and PowerPaks
  • Battery Handling Equipment
    • Battery pullers, storage and stacking systems, FIFO changing systems, watering carts, charger stands, deionization filters, single-point watering systems
  • Cloud-based battery/charger monitoring system
  • Replacement parts, rental, and leasing
  • Used batteries and chargers 
  • Service and maintenance at your facility or ours

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Electric Vs Gas-Fueled Forklifts
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Why is Frequent Forklift Maintenance Important?

Hawker® PowerSource – World Class Brands and Products

Hawker® PowerSource is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial forklift batteries and chargers—something not everyone can claim.

Hawker® has been delivering on their promise of high-value, competitively priced motive power solutions for over 85 years! Concentric is PROUD to be part of the Hawker® promise for almost 20 years. If you’re responsible for MHE decisions for your company, including forklifts, batteries, and chargers, you want the strength and experience of powerful partners like Hawker® and Concentric working for your best interests.

  • Wide range of innovative products all manufactured by Hawker®.
  • Battery technologies include lead acid, Flex & Flex Paks, Flex-Elite, and lithium-ion.
  • Manufacturing in the USA and the highest levels (ISO-XXXXX).
  • Chargers designed, engineered, and manufactured by Hawker® and built in Hawker® manufacturing plants.

Concentric provides many other industry leading brands of batteries, chargers, battery handling safety equipment, and battery and charger parts and accessories.

Hawker Family
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Local Service by Local People

Research indicates that when it comes to  material handling equipment spending, such as on forklift batteries, chargers, and equipment, the #1 driver for making a decision for one product over another is confidence in the supplier's ability to provide high level, after-sale support, and service.

If you're responsible for making decisions on battery and charger equipment for your company, how important are fast, reliable, and honest service and parts support to you?

For almost 20 years, the Hawker® name has been synonymous with Concentric. Here is why:

  • Service shops in Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville, Florida, and Macon, Georgia with local technicians in each one. We are friends and neighbors.
  • Maintenance programs to compliment your organization and goals.
  • Both road and in-shop services with company-supplied transport/
  • Watering, planned maintenance, and battery washing customized for your company.
  • OSHA-compliance audits and operator training.
  • Charger conversion training: conventional charger, opportunity charging, and fast charging.
  • Fleet assessments and power studies.

Our team is trained, insured, and ready to help make your life easier by always going the extra mile.

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Service Small #1-1

Reliable Repairs - When You Need Them - Your Shop or Ours 

Batteries and chargers don't break often, but when they do, you'll want them fixed fast...and right the first time. That is why in addition to providing excellent products like Hawker® batteries and chargers, we perform routine and even more complicated repairs to help get you back up and running as quickly and economically as possible. 

Repair services include:

  • In-shop and road service diagnostics and repairs
  • Work performed by skilled, trained, and insured service technicians
    • Fast, accurate troubleshooting
    • 87% in-field repair rate
  • Vehicles stocked with frequently-used replacement parts
  • Shop service may include cell replacement, acid adjustment, and cable replacement
  • Battery overhaul and refurbishing

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Battery & Charger Planned Battery Maintenance Programs

If you're running a successful business, you know how important it is to pay attention to the details. You are not "running to failure," but instead have a systemized approach to making sure things are running properly so that downtime and emergencies are avoided. Our approach to battery and charger maintenance follows this model.

Benefits of using a planned maintenance approach power management include:

  • Optimizing performance and life of battery, charger, and the lift truck itself.
  • Systemized approach - ensures all critical elements of a thorough maintenance plan are being executed timely. If one element fails, there can be a domino effect. 
  • Manage manufacturer warranties.
  • Ensure OSHA and regulatory compliance.
  • Training for your team: operators and supervisors.
  • Inventory and asset management.
  • Capital and budgetary planning.

If you've purchased a battery and charger to be the fuel source for your forklift truck for the next five years or more, you'll likely need to know:

How much fuel did you buy? How long will the lifespan be? What should your expectations be? How will you know if you're getting your money's worth 

If you want to know the answers to questions like these, contact us today.

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Why Concentric?

We’re a true one-stop shop for all your motive power needs, dedicated to helping your warehouse meet its unique goals through our:


Quick, reliable service


Partnerships with top brands like Hawker®


20+ years of industry experience


Guaranteed lifetime of up to 3 years on any rental or used forklift battery


Thorough testing and inspection conducted by expert technicians


Comprehensive services all under one roof


Local solutions

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