Large appliance distribution center

This customer operates in the Home Goods space and supplies appliances to consumers through retails outlets. Running around the clock, especially during seasonal periods, they were using the conventional approach to 24-hour operations and running three batteries per shift and changing batteries every eight or so hours while running several “spare” batteries due to the aging condition of their fleet.

Southern States, along with this Customer, began looking at various other methodologies that could eliminate changing of batteries,—thus eliminating operators’ lost time in changing batteries along with safety concerns for lifting and moving batteries in and out of lift trucks.  

After an in-depth power study and demonstration period that lasted almost six months, the customer converted to a FAST CHARGE profile. All spare batteries were eliminated, the battery changing system was scrapped, and the changing room converted to other purposes. 80 of more than 120 batteries in use at the time were no longer needed and the fleet began running 40 lift trucks on 40 batteries and 40 chargers. Equipment spend alone was reduced by more than $100,000.

Noteworthy: This system has been in operation for approximately four years. It has worked exactly as planned by Southern States and our strong, focused and dedicated customer team.

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