Charger solutions

This Tampa Company is “scaling up” as it is a division of $2BB parent. They upgraded their fleet of lift trucks and wanted state-of-the-art battery charging technology so that, as they added trucks to the fleet, they could add charging capability without consuming more space.

Solution: Life Plus TC3 Modular Chargers. With TC3 we can add modules to increase output for existing chargers and with the addition of “Sequencers,” one charger can charge two batteries “in sequence.”

SSMP added signage on the walls for Operators so they could see exactly what model of lift should be matched to each charger and forklift Operators were trained in “face to face” sessions so any questions on the new system could be “asked and answered” with management presence.

Lastly, we helped the customer train their forklift operators on proper watering and charging procedures. To learn more about this solution, contact us or call 866.350.3593 today.