Southern States Enterprises is a ‘Pallet Centric’ business in that everything we do ‘Centers’ around moving and storing products for industry. We are very active in the forklift business as most of the industrial batteries and chargers we provide to end users are used in forklift trucks. Forklifts are the primary tool for moving and storing pallets. Our pallet rack company designs storage systems typically around pallet storage and our dock and door company provides the safety and loading dock equipment to enable SAFE, fast and efficient movement between the transportation vehicles, tractor trailers, and the buildings they service.

Southern States and the Fischer Family aspire to continually support our community by offering scholarships to the children of employees of Southern States Toyota Lift and Southern States Enterprises (SSE) for high school graduating seniors or students enrolled in a college, trade or technical school. To find out how to apply for the Fall of 2019 scholarship click here.

Since 2002 we have been adding personnel in the following primary focus areas: