Southern States Motive Power Changes Name To AMP

April 06, 2020

Southern States Motive Power will be ‘re-branding’ its trade name effective January 31, 2020. We invite you to update your records accordingly. 

Previous Name: Southern States Motive Power 

New Name: Absolute Motive Power or AMP 

Why the Change?

After trading under the name Southern States Motive Power for some eighteen years, it became apparent that we need a name that more accurately reflects our core business and a logo that stands out for our customers. And, while Southern States Motive has been and remains a great name, AMP creates a more independent, clear and definitive entity that stands alone in its chosen field of endeavor: providing top quality industrial battery & charger systems designed and built for use in the material handling Industry. 

Who is AMP?

AMP was started in 2002 as ‘Factory Direct’-distributing the C&D brand of industrial batteries and chargers, later changing the name to Southern States Motive Power in the mid-2000’s as part of Southern States Material Handling – a distributor of Toyota Industrial Trucks. Now totally independent, the company provides total power solutions for users of electric forklift trucks in manufacturing and distribution-centric businesses. In addition, AMP provides a wide array of parts and services including watering, periodic maintenance (PM), rental and leasing, and fleet maintenance services. AMP also helps companies manage their spend on material handling by providing studies on conversion from internal combustion to electric lift trucks, lift truck fleet energy consumption, asset utilization and maintenance expense controls. 

Important: The new entity is a DBA: “Doing Business As” and as such, the legal business entity remains the same, Southern States Motive Power, a division of Southern States Enterprises, Inc. All customer documents – work orders, proposals, invoices, etc, will reflect the AMP logo and bear the Absolute Motive Power name. Please adjust your records accordingly. 

About Southern States Enterprises

SSE is a locally owned Florida business focusing on material handling products and services for distribution and manufacturing. Core lines of business include loading docks and doors to include temperature and speed doors (Southern States Dock and Door) and pallet rack to include design, sales, installation and, of course, and rack repair services (Southern States Storage & Handling). SSE prides itself on it’s core competency: providing excellent after-sale service support for everything it sells. 

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